Le Cour bouillon 2

Restaurant Le Court Bouillon
devient Restaurant L’ATYPIC



Restaurant de qualité
par le collège culinaire de France - Joel Robuchon et Alain Ducasse.

Nous sommes heureux de vous faire partager notre joie d'être dans le Bottin Gourmand 2014

Nous sommes heureux de vous faire partager notre joie d'être dans le guide Michelin 2014.

Nous somme heureux de vous faire partager notre joie d'être dans le guide Pudlo Paris 2014 (Pudlo Paris 2014), Gilles Pudlowski

Nous sommes aussi présents sur FOODING 2012

Of our restaurant, it is our clients that speak the best of it.

"Once upon a time, in Paris, rue du Théâtre...

It is not a play that you go to to relax, but to have a delightful time in a traditional restaurant of the 15th arrondissement.

We could indeed think about the silver screen...

A warm and quiet atmosphere, soft light emanating from small candles on the tables, a peaceful background music, a few paintings on display, by experimenting artists... you sit down and feel good.

Isa knows how to welcome, to make some recommendations about the carefully chosen wines, by involving talentuous winemakers and friends, to generously manage her space, the "dining room"... An iron fist in a velvet glove... When her refined service is over, she also likes to share some cheerful moments, inspired by her former years at the Cours Florent, or tell the story of her career across parisian restaurants such as "Le Lutétia".

Eric makes us appreciate good food - read the menu : uncluttered, simple, direct ! You just have to taste the amuse-bouche to understand that what happens next is a feast...

He takes care of every plate, he loves his product, he pampers it and delicately positions it in the plate, for our tasting pleasure... That's how you identify a chef who learned the basics in Paris's best restaurants - "Taillevent" and "Le Plaza Athénée" - during fifteen years.

Isa & Eric


Finally, the 15th arrondissement is the place in which they feel good. They spent several years in Levallois but in the end, they came back to where they belong, the district in which they began their careers when they arrived from Vendôme.

They know each other since they were kids, coming from the Sarthe and the Loir-et-Cher. They lost touch while earning their stripes, then found each other again for a wonderful journey of love and professionalism.

Blissfulness, which just goes to show that it still exists ! "



51, rue du Théâtre - 75015 Paris - Tel: 01 45 77 08 18 - lecourtbouillon@orange.fr